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They have a very poor record as a company BBB has given them an F rating with over 24 complaints. They use high pressure sales people and do a water test that i believe is bogus in order to scare you into purchasing their over priced filtration system. They do not tell you that you will be billed for every time they add 50lb salt blocks and the cost to replace filters at an unbelievable price that you can purchase far less at Home Depot or Lowes.

They negoiated a loan for the sale amount yet in making monthly payments they took those payments as interest and the principal has remained the same for the past two years, now notifying me that starting January 2010 they are converting my loan into a credit card account meaning that I will never be able to pay them back with the high interest rates they will charge.They are not an honest company and should be investigated by the Florida State Attorney General for a fraudulent operation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Florida Water Works Filtration System.

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So...even if I can't afford a Escalade, that means that I shouldn't be able to decide to buy the Yukon that I can afford???...or I should be called an *** for questioning the highpressure salesman who wants me to buy that Escalade, and the LIMITED warranty that I have to go to their dealership(at higher than average price) to get that Escalade serviced???...Wake up! It is wrong, unethical, and perhaps even criminal to treat people this way.

And if the person above who defended FWW has to resort to calling people names instead of non-biased,reasonable, educated information for consumers, then really---WHO is the *** here??? ...Hmmmmm!


Educate yourself sir or Ma'am. Home Depot & Lowes sell water softeners & RO systems that may look very similar to the ones that companies like FWW or Culligan sell, however they're not.

It's kind of like comparing a GMC Yukon to a caddilac Escalade. They look very much alike but are far differently priced and rightfully so based on the quality & extras provided with the Escalade. If you buy a system you think is the same from Home Depot for example you'll have to pay to have it installed after you buy it. Having it installed by anyone other than who the manufactuer is will void the warranty right then, you'll need to replace the filters in the system every 3 months instead of once per year and flat out won't produce the same quality of water higher end units do.

They look the same on the outside but are alot different on the inside. FWW installs the system at no extra charge, backs their LIFETIME warranty on their products as long as they're maintained properly & comes out yearly at absolutely no cost to check your system. You're paying for a service too, not just the product. Home Depot does not offer these services.

Anyway the original complaint poster above is for a lack of better terms an *** for not doing proper research & for listening to someone elses opinion on their purchase obviously.

FWW is a perfectly legitimate company selling very high quality & much needed products to people that actually care about their health, protecting the environment & over the course of time saving tons of $$ by having such a great system in their home. Anyone who thinks or says otherwise is simply put....A ***.

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