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The letter is made to look like a State Water Inspection health department check-which is avaiable for free in all counties. This company is a SCAM from the first time it pretends to be a STATE operation-not a statewide water sales scam since Florida's deep wells actually have the cleanest water in the NATION.

The only chemicals in City water are there to protect against outside water fouling the pipes if ther is a break that need to be repaired. ALL Bottled water companies have testers that tell you you HAVE to buy their system or water when they get their water from a city tap. SCAM SCAM SCAM- the entire idiotic thieving buisiness. The letter they said doesn't even have their State Corp # on it, required by law.

Our congressmen probably are LARGE stockholders.

Would you buy a used car from ANYONE in Congress? Why buy from a *** company they let scam the taxpayers?

Reason of review: Lying by ommission.

Preferred solution: Take your business to Mexico and Africa and the Middle East.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #905058

*** florida water works are scam artists. I used to work there and once Russell glad ok took over he preached deceptive sales practices.

That's why several sales persons left. Florida water is very hard and a good water system is needed to remove the calcium. Also the county does dissenfect the water with chlorine( which is a carcinagen). Although it is a good disinfectant it can be harmful to certain individuals.

The calcium over te can ruin plumbing and also hot water heaters. I have several clients who love having soft water and clean drinking water.

So there are several reputable water treatment companies out there that offer a valuable service. So do your homework

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