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This company offers a "Free Water Test". Of course your water fails.

Then, high pressure sales pitch. Especially targets seniors. Sells overpriced water conditioners. Of course you can pay on time.

They sell the contract to a finance company who then puts a lien on the home owners house.

The home owner is not made aware of this unless he reads the fine print. Do not take my word for it check with the Florida Department of Consumer Affairs or visit the Pinellas County Better Business Bureau at: http://westflorida.bbb.org/WWWRoot/Report.aspx?site=47&bbb=0653&firm=11000231

Monetary Loss: $3.

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If you think they treat customers badly ... try working for this compnay in their sweat shop !

Brooksville, Florida, United States #706423

Florida Water Works are a well-known scam here in FL, where the municipal water is quite good in most areas. The strict regulation, the on-site laboratories set up at distribution centers and constant flushing done through hydrants keep the quality far above standards.

If municipal water ever dropped below established standards, heads would roll and local newspapers would carry the story in their headlines, as there would be no way to keep it secret.

If you feel a need to give *** artists your money, it is your business. Just remember that the people at your local water department are NOT getting rich selling water, they earn a pittance and cannot afford to lie about something as transparent and easily proven as the quality of your water.

to Rick Tampa, Florida, United States #905066

They are a scam however just because the water meets very liberal guide lines does not meen it is good I for one have a water conditioner and I love having soft water that is chlorine free( the county uses chlorine to disinfect the water). As se may know chlorine is a carcinogen and can be harmful to certain individuals. Florida water works is bad news and charge way to much but there are several reputable companies out there offering the same equipment at reasonable prices.

Tampa, Florida, United States #634973

When a positive response is online its by the company, but when a negative response is posted it's legit????? Any chance it could be their competitor's? Just asking?


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These despicable people called my Mothers house and said someone will be by to test your water. Then pretty quickly someone came by.

She said he could test the wayer on the garage..He said he had to test the water in the kitchen. So she let him in her kitchen. She said she kept repeating I can't imagine why you would test my water. I've been drinking this water for years.

She has city water by the way and has spent thousands of dollars getting hooked into her city system. Because my mother kept saying the water did not need to be checked he said..you must have requested it..she said she didn't.. He said he couldn't test it unitl he found put who had requested the test...She called me after he left...I looked this company up..found out they are scam artists.

I have blocked their phone number so they can't call her again. And instructed her to call the Police if he comes back.


High Pressure sales! Any post that is positive about this company has to be posted by the company itself.

You can get a water conditioner at Lowe's for hundreds of dollars instead of thousands from these guys. I had to file a BBB complaint about them before I could get a bill for a faulty installation taken care of & they had promised me at the sale I had a life time warranty, with no service charges, just cost of the parts, filters, etc. This company, as I researched it, has changed their name several times. Last I heard they were Environmental Solutions.

I have recently received a free water test offer from them AGAIN, after I left a message on their answering machine not to contact me again in any form. I am writing a cease & desist letter to them right after this post.

I am copying the Florida Attorney General also, I highly encourage anyone that has had dealings with Florida Water works to do the same. They need to be out of business.

FWW is a SCAM! If someone writes something good about this company...they are most likly the people who own it and they are trying to protect themselves.

Because you can go to Lowes and get the same stuff they sell for 300 dollars not,4,000 or 5,000 THOUSAND!

End of story. :p

I thought it might be a scam and it appears to be so. It's Florida, which is the 'state' version of Nigeria when it comes to scams.

Glad I googled it. javascript:ac_smilie(';)')


Thanks for the comments..thought this was a scam


Lets face the facts here. Like someone already stated "your water will always fail" when tested by a company like Florida Water Works, well on the flip side your water will always pass when tested by the provider.

Also the provider tests it from the source, not the point of use which after traveling many, many miles through aging water lines the results can be drastically different when tested this way. Most people need one of these filtering devices & most people know this. Thats why bottled water (which isn't the answer either) out sells soda & milk now a days. Unfortunately people don't take the time to get educated about the REAL quality of their water and actually do something about improving it.

Since 90% of water is used for industrial purposes it wouldn't make financial sense for the government to make the water quality guidlines more strict. So bottom line is it's up to us as the consumer to do whats right for our families. Waste our hard earned money on questionable bottled water, buy an in home water treatment system or god forbid.....Drink the water directly from the tap.

FYI Chlorine mixed with amonia and flouride isn't exactly good for human consumption but it's at low enough level to where it'll take 20, 30 or 50 years to learn you've gotten cancer from it. THINK before you DRINK.


It's no big secret the water in Florida sucks. While companies like FWW may use sometimes questionable practices as far as how they reach their customers, their products are great and most definitely needed.

Also like someone already mentioned their prices are much lower than nationwide franchises with inferior products such as Rainsoft or Culligan. Bottom line is if you waste your $$ & hurt the environment buying bottled water you're ***. You can save a ton of $$ over the long haul, have much better quality water right in your own kitchen. These products are especially important to the very young & the elderly so all this picking on old people *** is for the birds.

If someone can't read the advertisment all the way through or make a concious decision on their own they shouldn't be living alone in the first place. Shame on your whiney sons in laws & *** crying that they picked on your elderly relative. *** off you're just trying to save every bit of that inheritance, you're not generally concerned with the well being of said relative or you would've already put on of these systems in for them so they had good, clean water to drink and bathe in. Uneducated hypocrites.

It's laughable that some *** was probably drinking out of a bottled water bottle while typing these ludacris statements. Grow up, get a grip & know whats good for you & your family.

These products are great. Thank you FWW and other companies like it for opening the eyse of a zombie like public that is more part of the problem than solution.

to uneducated people are the prob Safety Harbor, Florida, United States #658036

Stay away from these people their real scammers. They send you a post card ask you to get a free water test.

They are wolves in sheeps clothing. Their way over priced and will try and sell you something at a ridiculous price and tell you they'll give you a discount if you buy right now. The discount price is about 6 x's higher than sears. They tried to sell us a ultraviolet germ killer for our furnace also.

Luckily we don't buy from high pressure salesman.I hope this helps you in buyers beware. Windows salesman from Sears does the same thing.

They give you a discount on your windows which was twice the price of window world. I had the bid to show the Sears salesman and left embarrassed.


FWW has done my house and my in-laws for years they were more expensive but they come every three months and make sure everything is working. We are on a well so it's important that it works. I've dealt with another company and ended up having to replace the equipment.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #106383

I too just ran into this problem with my elderly parents. We did fill out the same as cash paperwork in my name but when "Marsha" said that an appointment was moved to another day, they could be at our house in less than an hour to install.

They said the original cost was $5700 and we'd get it at a family rate of $3800. It all felt scammy so I went home, investigated and met "Bob" at the house and stopped it before he even had a change to install. I wrote a letter right there on the spot knowing I had 3 days to cancel by law, filled out his paperwork of cancellation and sent him on his way. I am sick of people taking advantage of the elderly.

I also priced the equipment and found it to be $529 at Sears. Come on FWW, you are a sick company.


Florida Water Works is a SCAM------SCAM------------SCAM------SCAM------------SCAM------SCAM------------SCAM------SCAM------------SCAM------SCAM------------SCAM------SCAM------------SCAM------SCAM------------SCAM------SCAM

I had my water tested by Rainsoft and they wanted to sell me a conditioner for $8995! I sent the card in from FWW and they got me a conditioner and a reverse osmosis for $5190, installed. :zzz
I purchased both the outside system and their purifier system for my home a few years back. The young lady that sold me my system didn't pressure me to do anything, I told her that I wanted better water for myself and she got me a good deal. I don't see what all of the fuss is about because my water is great now :grin

Luckily, my family found out the FWW guys were going to do a "water test" for my 81 year old mother and we were able to meet the salesmen when they arrived. She asked me what I thought, I suggested the test was not really nessesary, and not to have the test done, she agreed, and I sent them on thier way....

not 5 mins later, some guy from FWW calls my mother and starts grilling her on "why his guys were denied entry to her house" after she filled out the "card".. she gave the phone to me. He baiscilly told me that it was a free country and that I should'nt interfere with her decision, and it's absoultly impairative that her water be tested. I gave him some choice words and told them not to contact her in any way, shape or form.

This is the kind of people they are!!! They should be investigated for intimadation of the elderly!

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