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Had a family friend call me to say the light on the power supply unit to her ultra violet lamp section of water purification system had gone out & ask me to check it During the diag process i needed to check lamp was working, only to find there was no lamp unit not even a blown one, simply no lamp. At some time in the past, maybe even the original install the FWW tech poked the power cable into the unit making everything appear as it should.... Read more

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His name is Peter the owner of Waterworks in Florida. The number is 1-516-790-2004... He lies and is a scam artist... I filled with the BBB.. I bought a unit which didn't work after time. He stated I had to send a $75 fee plus mail in the unit just to diagnose the problem. After I sent the $75 fee in, I decided to buy a new better unit from a company who had a warrentee I liked... I called Peter who stated he would refund the $75, but he... Read more

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I have to be honest we were duped, these guys said they were Christians, were were sold a system for 4500.00 we trusted them, our water isnt safe to drink, i called and told them the water was making us sick, they texted a few says later said they were in our area, i was at a drs appointment, i couldnt be home, i called again today, they tried to sell me more stuff. I told mike i trusted you, do not buy from this company!!! Dont walk RUN!!! A... Read more

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This company is full of ***. The first thing the rep says when he walked though the door was "oh I'm not trying to sell you anything because im going to get my 25 dollars no matter what". He conducts the fake water test " and of course its bad. I own 2 fish tanks and I always condu t water test monthy, and i know that if tou dont put the correct amount of drops to test for slceratin things it will turn the results bad. Then he calls his so... Read more

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They did a similar tactic to me a few years ago under the name of Florida Water Works. They have changed their name so many times, it screams "sleeze"! Its the same old story, sending a flier to every home sending an implication they are a government office of some kind. They try to get as much money out of you a they can. They sold me an outdated system. It didn't even come with a manufacturer's booklet of information package. They came to my... Read more

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I received a call to set up an appointment with a tech to come and test my water. I rearranged my schedule to be here to receive the tech. When he arrived he told me that he could not do the test unless my husband was available also to receive the results. He was not available. This was NEVER mentioned when the rep called me to set up the appointment. BAD BUSINESS. The tech left and I did not receive my water test. Why are you waisting... Read more

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They are also known as Environmental Quality Assurance, LLC - My mother (lives in The Villages, FL) was just charged $3500 for a water softener that is worth at best $500. They didn't even install it! They use a loan company called Time Investment out of WI - got my 75 yr old mother to sign a 8 year contract at 18% interest. Didn't leave any documentation about Time Investment so we didn't know what was going on until she has a lien on her... Read more

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Florida water works, p o box 70, pinellas park, fl 33780-9905 Above address is on return postcard. There is no such company... Received via U.S. Postal service in my mailbox. This looks official, especially to senior citizens, the water test is not affiliated with any official public utility in Florida. It is a postcard to mail back to have a free water test by "quality controlled officials". Survey wants how many in household, name, phone,... Read more

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The letter is made to look like a State Water Inspection health department check-which is avaiable for free in all counties. This company is a SCAM from the first time it pretends to be a STATE operation-not a statewide water sales scam since Florida's deep wells actually have the cleanest water in the NATION. The only chemicals in City water are there to protect against outside water fouling the pipes if ther is a break that need to be... Read more

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I own a water conditioning company and have been lumped into a pile of other water companies with similar names. We have an A rating with the better business bureau, and handle all of our complaints in a timely and professional matter. On the other hand, there are many unscrupulous companies out there who do not do this, and are all about the money, no matter what. So, the damage comes from someone who does not know what they are talking about... Read more

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